Who Are We?

Public Health India (PHI) is an Indian health advocacy organisation dedicated to reducing the individual, economic, and social costs of Obesity, Diabetes, and related metabolic diseases by improving the quality of nutrition research.


It’s solemn and revolutionary—”changing lives by informing Public Health.” What’s so revolutionary? —Please peruse “Why PHI?”.

Why PHI?

PHI believes “Obesity is not a personal issue; Indians may suffer Obesity and Diabetes, not necessarily due to their conscious unhealthy food choices but due to the misinformed and poorly tested guidance they receive from mainstream health professionals regarding what to eat. Yes, we believe we can change this. How? —by disseminating unbiased and evidence-based information on optimum nutrition, which is free from commercial agenda.

To whom do we disseminate this information? —Doctors, Institutions & Health Organisation, the Public, and Health Care Providers. Does this mean we are blaming the mainstream health professionals? —NO, ABSOLUTELY NOT. Please peruse our “Acknowledgement”.


We are not blaming current doctors or health professionals; we respect and appreciate their role in today’s Public Health. We do not suggest that the public is deliberately misinformed. Instead, we highlight how health professionals—and so the public—are chronically misinformed by the Bad Science/Research, Big Pharma, Big Sugar, and Food Politics. Exploring the most trustworthy scientific literature on health, we believe in looking for solutions and not the “blame game”. We acknowledge that the Obesity epidemic is a multifactorial issue; however, the dietary factors are most influential.

Core Value:

Healthy skepticism, Trustworthiness, Goodness, Simplicity, and Inspiration