Abhinav Pathare

Principal Investigator & Chief Scientific Adviser

Abhinav is an Indian Researcher in Public Health. He received a Master of Science degree in Applied Public Health from the University of Central Lancashire, England, in 2020 with merit classification. He is interested in researching the effects of macronutrients on Chronic Diseases. Abhinav aims to help reverse the obesity epidemic, and he has a distinct idea for doing this, which is discussed extensively in his Master of Science’s dissertation entitled ‘Critical Exploration of the Nutritional Factors Related to Obesity in Socioeconomically Disadvantaged Children and Adolescents of the United Kingdom: A Modified Systematic Review’. His work implies that the macronutrient-composition of the United Kingdom’s existing National Dietary Guidelines, i.e., High-Carbohydrates Low-Fat, needs an urgent change due to the adverse effects of the high carbohydrate content.

Moreover, Abhinav is interested in exploring effective strategies to communicate dietary recommendations to older adults in order to promote optimal protein intake. He is inclined towards the research that seeks to understand the factors influencing older adults’ reception, engagement, and adherence towards dietary communication.

Along with the MSc in Public Health, Abhinav holds a bachelor’s degree in Engineering from Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University (received in 2013); thus, he holds an understanding of Thermodynamics. Altogether, this gives him a unique interdisciplinary lens to address Public Health issues. For example, the long-standing theory behind Obesity is based on the “Laws of Thermodynamics”, which states that Obesity and overweight is fundamentally a result of consuming more calories than we expend (and vice versa reverses Obesity). However, in his seminars, talks, and writings, Abhinav demonstrates that this thermodynamics-based Energy Imbalance Concept provides an oversimplified, inappropriate and tautological explanation of Obesity. Therefore, by applying his multidisciplinary knowledge, Abhinav aims to provide a deeper understanding of the Obesity epidemic to the wider public and health professionals.